Batu Bolong Komodo, Discover the Best Dive Spot in Komodo Island

Batu Bolong Komodo, Discover the Best Dive Spot in Komodo Island

Batu Bolong Komodo

Famous for the beauty of underwater life, Batu Bolong Komodo has become one of the best dive spots in Indonesia.

This place has become a safe diving spot and equipped with various marine species and colorful coral reefs.

About Batu Bolong Komodo

Located in Komodo National Park, this dive site is worldwide divers’ most favorite place to explore the beauty of Komodo underwater.

“Batu Bolong” means Hollow Rock, it is a tiny rock island situated in the strait between Komodo island and Tatawa, and it has been called one of the world’s finest diving spots.

Above sea level, Batu Bolong is just a small rock, but underwater it is a large conical massive rock.

batu bolong komodo
Batu Bolong Komodo (source: IG/cris_littlemonkey)

It’s relatively easy to go to Batu Bolong from big cities in Indonesia.

Book your flight to Labuan Bajo (Komodo Airport) from Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, or Kupang airport, where daily flights to Labuan Bajo are usually available.

From the harbor of Labuan Bajo, Batu Bolong can be reached by boat in approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours.

As part of the Komodo National Park, entrance fees are IDR 150,000/person from Monday to Saturday and IDR 225,000/person on Sundays and public holidays for foreigners.

Meanwhile for Indonesians, it costs IDR 5,000/person from Monday to Saturday and IDR 7,500/person on Sunday and public holidays to enter Batu Bolong.

And for diving, it costs IDR 275,000 to IDR 350,000 per person for foreigners, and for Indonesians, it costs IDR 80,000 to IDR 85,000 per person.

Best Time to Visit

You can dive in Batu Bolong Komodo all year round.

However, this site has strong currents which require diving it at a specific time and depending on the tides as to which side the dive will be on.

For your safety, you would always dive in the lee side of the current, and dive with your divemaster at all times.

For a great adventure dive, enter the dive site in the center (safe zone) between the current edges and dive down straight to your desired depth, usually around 20 meters.

You do not have to dive deep, since there are plenty of tropical fish on the surface area, making this site a great snorkeling site as well.

Batu Bolong Komodo as Best Dive Spot

Fellow divers worldwide have considered this dive site one of the best in Indonesia. This site is truly extraordinary. It is breathtaking to see the magnificent colors of corals and countless fish as you descend the pinnacle.

1. Safe Dive Zone

Despite its spectacular natural beauty and convenient location, Batu Bolong offers maximum exploration opportunities without exposing divers to any danger.

Even so, this dive site is not always appropriate for inexperienced divers since even the “protected” area has some shifting currents if the current is very strong.

On this dive site, buoyancy is significant, and divers are always reminded to stay close to the reef and to stay behind the divemaster.

It is unnecessary to go deeper than 25 meters, as the best sights are on the reef.

2. Colorful Coral Reef

The underwater of Batu Bolong is undoubtedly stunning. Topography and strong currents have contributed to the coral reef’s pristine condition, which has prevented it from being targeted by fishermen.

This dive site’s visibility is excellent, allowing you to see the beauty of Batu Bolong aquatic life easily.

3. Famous for Its Marine Life

Walls and slopes are covered in corals and sponges, but the fish are the main beneficiaries here.

There are a plethora of different fish species here, from white tip reef sharks and Napoleon wrasse in the deep water areas to thousands of smaller reef fish that populate the shallows.

On the upper reaches of the rock, you will see the palette surgeonfish form dance formations across the current swept surface, the sponges and tunicates serve as frequent food sources for Hawksbill turtles, the giant sweetlips reside in gullies and overhangs.

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Final Thoughts

Batu Bolong is a must-visit dive site while you are in Komodo National Park.

Its mind-blowing underwater scenery is endless, and numerous fish species live in this area.

Besides the colorful and healthy corals, you can also find pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, tiny orangutan crabs, moray eels, barracudas, and manta rays here.

Experience the best diving in Batu Bolong with your family, friends, and loved ones.

Let’s Discover Batu Bolong Komodo with Clalynna Phinisi

Now you have planned to go to Batu Bolong for your next diving trip, but you might still be confused and doubt how to choose the boat for your best diving experience in Komodo National Park.

We are here to help and answer any questions you may have.

Clalynna Phinisi‘s capacity is for 18 people, suitable for you who want the best holiday with your family, friends, or loved ones.

Equipped with 5 spacious and comfortable ocean view cabins with a private bathroom in each cabin, this boat is designed to meet your blissfulness during your dive trip to Batu Bolong Komodo.

Pick-up and drop-off to and from the Labuan Bajo harbor service are also provided in the package. So you don’t have to prepare transportation before and after the trip.

If you are bored during the trip, Clalynna boat package offers you an ocean view chill area with a high-end karaoke sound system, perfect for relaxing and having fun with your family and friends.

The private charter package includes full board meals and non-alcoholic drinks, so you don’t have to prepare any meals, snacks, or drinks before the trip begins.

Aside from that, we provide qualified crews, snorkel gear, and excursions to remote beaches and tourist attractions in the Komodo National Park area.

A knowledgeable local guide will accompany you during your trip.

Click here for more details about Clalynna Phinisi and check out our Instagram (@komodoluxury) to see our customers’ experiences with us.

Should you need to talk to our Sailing Specialist, you may contact us through WhatsApp or email to [email protected].

It will be our pleasure to assist you. See you in Batu Bolong Komodo!

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