Pink Beach Komodo Island: Rare and Unique Experience in Indonesia

Pink Beach Komodo Island: Rare and Unique Experience in Indonesia

Drone view of Pink Beach, Komodo National Park

One of the must-visit beaches in Indonesia is Pink Beach. The famous one is on Padar Island, a part of Komodo National Park. Pink Beach Komodo Island is highly popular because of its pink sand color and turquoise seawater. Luckily, this stunning beach can be reached when you visit the Komodo National Park area.

Where is Pink Beach

Pink Beach Komodo National Park Map

Located in the East Nusa Tenggara region of Indonesia, Pink Beach can be found on both Padar Island and Komodo Island within Komodo National Park. The park itself is noted for its diverse and rare attractions, including these unique beaches, making it a prime destination for travelers.

But Why Is It Pink?

The sand gets its unique color from microscopic organisms called Foraminifera, which produce a red pigment on the coral reefs. When combined with white sand and fragments of coral, the red-and-white blend creates a soft pink hue that colors the beach. This process is similar to how parrotfish contribute to sand formation by eating coral and excreting it as sand, adding to the beach’s composition.

But what exactly makes the sand here red?

Foraminifera on Pink Beach

There are a couple of different things that make it so. A red-colored microscopic animal called Foraminifera is present in the surrounding water. These tiny animals boast shells made of calcium carbonate, and when they wash up on shore, they make up a portion of sand. Many of these Foraminifera can be red or pink in color.

What Can You Expect?

While often appearing very pink in photographs online, in reality, the color of the pink sand depends on the weather and the reflection of the sunlight.

The Pink Sand

While Pink Beach’s hue appears lighter in person, it is still pink. See more natural photos below.

The pink colour on Pink Beach is not as pink as this photo
Sand color depending on weather and sunlight reflection
Drone View of Pink Beach, Komodo National Park
Drone View of Pink Beach, Komodo National Park

However, there are some “warung” or local food tents in Pink Beach, where visitors can purchase refreshments like fresh coconuts. However, these stalls might slightly detract from the idealized image if you’re aiming for unblemished drone photographs.

Keep in mind that Pink Beach does not have any restaurants, hotels, or restrooms. Before starting on your journey, it’s important to come prepared with all your essentials, such as snacks, medicine, special dietary foods, and so on.

Did you find any information on Google that there are two Pink beaches around the islands? Yes, that’s right!

There Are Two Pink Beach

Komodo National Park boasts two Pink Beaches, one on Komodo Island and another on Padar Island. Each has its unique charm.

1. Pink Beach on Padar Island

Long Beach on Komodo Island
Long Beach on Padar Island

This may be the most colorful pink beach in Indonesia. The sand is brighter here than on Komodo Island.

On this beach, named Long Beach,  there’s also a piece of red coral with a heart shape on the sand. The pink color of the sand is brighter, especially when the day is sunny.

This beach is hidden in a bay on Padar Island’s north side and has become the most popular pink beach in Komodo National Park. What a lucky because you can find food stalls. So, they will be beneficial, especially when you’d like to purchase souvenirs, drinks, or snacks.

2. Pink Beach on Komodo Island

Pantai Merah on Komodo Island
Pantai Merah on Komodo Island

Komodo Island is not only about Komodo Dragons. However, this island also offers a standout pink beach in Indonesia named Pantai Merah.

The sand is not as red or pink as the pink beach of Padar Island. However, the tall mountains and hills surrounding it and the beautiful shoreline make it very photogenic.

If you want more awesome views, you had better hike up the hills. Even though there are many food stalls, they won’t interfere too much with the view.

Which Pink Beach Is Better?

Actually, it’s not easy to decide on a better pink beach. Both pink beaches above really look impressive.

Definitely, the sand of Long Beach on Padar Island is more colorful. However, Pantai Merah on Komodo Island offers a more interesting background with many trees & hills.

If it’s only possible to visit one of them, we think that Pink Beach on Padar Island offers a beach with a better overall view.

Padar offers the beach with the most noticeable pink sand color. However, it’s worth to visit both of them. If you start with a minimum of a 3D2N Komodo sailing trip, the itinerary on the second day will usually be Pink Beach on Padar Island.

Things to Do in Pink Beach Komodo Island

Along with the pink sand, this beach offers beautiful views and crystal-clear waters. The following below are the things you can do in Pink Beach.

  • Swimming and Snorkeling: The first thing you can do at Pink Beach is to take a swim or snorkel in the crystal-clear and fresh water – don’t forget to bring your swimsuit.
  • Kayaking and Paddling: You can enjoy the beauty of the pink beach by kayaking or paddling on the clear and calm waters. 
  • Relaxing and Sunbathing: Enjoy the beauty of the pink beach by simply relaxing or sunbathing with a coconut, playing on the swings, or walking along the pink sandy shoreline.  
  • Snap a Shot: As one of the few pink beaches in the world, don’t miss the opportunity to take beautiful photos at Pink Beach, so get your camera ready and pose to your heart’s content. If you are lucky you may see deer on this beach.  
  • Build Pink Castle: As well as enjoying the beach by swimming, relaxing or sunbathing, don’t miss the opportunity to build a castle out of the unique pink sand. You can play and sense the texture of the pink sand formed by foraminifera.  

How to Visit Pink Beach

There’s only one way to reach this unique beach. First, you have to arrive at Labuan Bajo and go to the beach by boat. For the best experience, we recommend you take an overnight Komodo Island Boat Tour from a reputable tour operator. The island is quite far away and can only be reached by boat.

You may explore all the beauty of the Komodo National Park in a day or may consider living on a boat and spending a few days sightseeing. Ensure you have purchased a Komodo boat tour from a certified tour operator, such as Komodo Luxury, before coming to Labuan Bajo. 

KomodoLuxury offers Komodo Island Tour Packages with excellent amenities, such as a tour guide, snorkeling equipment, a life vest, and a luxurious Phinisi that includes an overnight stay. Komodo Luxury has a range of options for you to choose from.

A. Komodo Boat Tour – Private Sailing Tour

Banner Private Tour Komodo Island

Private sailing tours are the best choice for those who need privacy since the entire boat will be yours and your loved ones. It allows you to choose your destination and duration for a personalized trip. KomodoLuxury offers three boat classes for this package: deluxe, VIP, and VVIP. There is a wide range of prices depending on the destination, duration, and amenities.   

B. Komodo Boat Tour – Open/Share Trip

Banner Open/Share Trip Komodo Island

Open/Share Trip is ideal for solo travelers, couples, or small groups who enjoy meeting new people. The package provides a sailing and excursion to Komodo National Park on a luxurious Phinisi boat at a cost-effective price. Komodo Luxury offers a sailing journey with excellent amenities despite being budget-friendly.

C. Komodo Boat Tour – One Day Trip

Banner One Day Trip Komodo Island

One-day trip is ideal for those who want to explore Komodo National Park but have a limited amount of time. Using a speedboat, Komodo Luxury takes you to the best locations in Komodo National Park in one day. Therefore, prepare yourself for an all-day visit to the park.

How to Enjoy Pink Beach Komodo Island Trip

Aside from seeing Komodo dragons on Komodo Island, seeing the sunrise, and trekking on Padar Island, Pink Beach is one of the highlights of Komodo National Park. There are many panoramic views you can appreciate, including pink beaches, blue sky, green hills, and turquoise sea.

In addition to the relaxation in the middle of excellent scenery, there are many fun activities you can partake in.

After enjoying the magnificent scenery, you can go swimming in the clear water. There, you will uncover the beauty the beach offers.

The underwater corals are excellent, with countless species of corals & fish. Anyway, the beach is ideal for beginner divers & snorkelers because the water is shallow.

When venturing deeper, you’ll certainly feel more amazed. Or, you may only need to relax on the pink sand.

It’s also a great idea to join in water sports like kayaking, or just simply relax leisurely, which is also very enjoyable. The beaches in Komodo Island are also a perfect spot for photography. So, make sure that you capture all the beauty it offers.

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