Why Choose a Boat Tour for Komodo Island

Why Choose a Boat Tour for Komodo Island

Elbark cruise to Komodo Island

Taking a boat tour to Komodo Island is the best choice that should be on your holiday bucket list. Komodo Island is a part of Komodo National Park, which is famous as a UNESCO World Heritage site in Indonesia. 

This island offers a thrilling adventure for those of you who are interested in nature and adventure. Elevate your journey to Komodo Island by taking the best boat tour in 2024!   

Why Visit Komodo Island

Komodo Island located in the West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. This volcanic island is famous as a home of around 2.500 giant lizards that live leisurely with humans at Komodo and Rinca Island. The Komodo dragon is a big ancient lizard found only in the Komodo National Park.    

Besides that, Komodo National Park is renowned for its breathtaking views, crystal-clear beaches, and unparalleled terrestrial and marine ecosystems. No wonder Komodo National Park is a gem destination for travelers who want to experience a thrilling holiday that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Why Choose a Boat Tour to Komodo Island 

You can only reach the island by taking a Komodo Island boat tour from Labuan Bajo harbor. You have the options between chartering a private boat, taking an on-the-spot boat, or joining a guided tour. The guided tour usually provides a one-day trip by speed boat or a 3D2N (Three Days and Two Nights) trip on a Phinisi boat.  

If you want a satisfying experience, we recommend you choose a boat trip to Komodo Island by sailing on a luxurious Phinisi boat by KomodoLuxury for a minimum of 3D2N (Three Days and Two Nights). Below are the reasons why you have to choose a boat tour for Komodo Island. 

1. Witnessing Komodo in Komodo and Rinca Island

The main attraction of this park is the ancient Komodo dragons that can be only found in Komodo and Rinca Island. The best time to witness the Komodo dragon in their natural habitat is in the morning and late afternoon because they are more active during these times.

Thus, the chance of seeing Komodo dragons is higher if you stay overnight on a boat. If you travel to the island by speedboat from Labuan Bajo, it will take about two to three hours, making it neither effective nor efficient. 

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2. Catching Sunrise on Padar Island

Padar Island is a remote island, a part of Komodo National Park. Located in the middle of the road between Komodo and Rinca Island. This island is famous for its mesmerizing panorama overlooking Komodo National Park.  

This island is the best place to see the sunrise, with blue ocean and multi-colored beaches surrounding the island. Taking a speed boat to reach Padar Island is not advisable if you want to witness the sunset. Because it takes approximately two to three hours to get there from Labuan Bajo. Please stay on a boat and start trekking at 05:00 am for a fantastic sunrise view.

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3. Enjoy The Sunrise in Gili Lawa

Gili Lawa is a small island located in the Northern part of the Komodo National Park. This island is also known as one of the best places to trek and catch the sunrise. From the top of Gili Lawa hills, you will see the beautiful blue ocean of Flores expanding, surrounded by wide stretches of white sand.

If you’re eager to witness a fascinating sunrise at Gili Lawa, you should consider staying near the island or staying on a Phinisi boat and starting the trek at 4:40 am.

It’s not advisable to take a speedboat from Labuan Bajo to Gili Lawa in the middle of the night as it can be quite risky and takes about three hours.     

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4. Enjoy The Sunset in Taka Makassar 

Taka Makassar is located near Labuan Bajo, Flores. This island is famous as a beautiful, small, uninhabited island. The main attraction on this island is the marine life, which is a paradise for divers and snorkelers.

Moreover, this uninhabited island features stunning sunset views, accessible exclusively to those who spend the night on a boat.  

5. Experience Liveaboard on Komodo Island

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to live liveaboard on a luxurious Phinisi boat while exploring Komodo Island. You can enjoy the mesmerizing seascape while sailing on a Phinisi boat that cruises at a speed of eight to 16 knots.    

Recommendations Komodo Island Boat Tour 

Before planning Komodo Island boat tour, ensure you choose a reputable and officially registered boat tour operator to avoid any undesirable experience. For your hassle-free boat tour, you can choose tour packages by KomodoLuxury, a top-notch tour operator in Labuan Bajo.

KomodoLuxury provides boat trips to Komodo Island, offering a chance to sail and stay on a luxurious boat. 

A. Komodo Island Boat Tour – Private Trip

Banner Private Tour Komodo Island

This package provides a tailored and personal boat tour experience, perfect for those who want to explore and enjoy an excursion on their own. The price varies depending on the boat types, amenities, destinations, and the duration of the trips.   

B. Komodo Island Boat Tour – Open/Share Trip

Banner Open/Share Trip Komodo Island

This package offers a chance to live aboard a Phinisi boat with cost-effective solutions and several trip duration options. If you want to go on an excursion to all the destinations in Komodo National Park, we recommend that you join our 3D2N boat trip.

C. Komodo Island Boat Tour – Full-day/One-day Trip

Banner One Day Trip Komodo Island

This package is suitable for those who have limited time but are eager to explore Komodo National Park. This trip allows you to visit Komodo Island’s top destinations in one day. So prepare extra stamina to visit around five destinations, including trekking and snorkeling, in one or half-day

Going on the Komodo Island boat trip will give you the best experience you won’t regret, and you will never feel anywhere else. So, when will you start your thrilling boat trip with us? Contact us now and start your ultimate journey to this paradise! 

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